Thinking beyond boundaries

At a time when sustainability and social corporate responsibility were not as widespread as they are today, Dutch Plantin took on the challenge: we analysed how a natural residual product – coconut husks – could be used as a raw material in cultivation. Meanwhile, our company has become a global pioneer in sustainable coco substrates for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants.

Success through innovation

The drive to pioneer runs through our veins. We believe the best is never good enough… and sustainability can always use an extra boost. In the 1990s Dutch Plantin developed an innovative buffering process to extract sodium and potassium from coco and to insert calcium. Today, this buffering process has become the standard all over the world. But we don’t stand still… We continue to innovate to further improve our products. Meanwhile, our pioneering products have proven their stability.


We set high standards

We set high standards not only for ourselves, but also for our customers. It therefore comes as no surprise that Dutch Plantin is both a producer and a supplier, which is exceptional in the world of coco products. From the in-house production process to custom advice for our horticulturists: we manage the entire chain ourselves, from A to Z. The result? Full quality control and a reliable delivery. Not to mention, custom solutions for each crop.


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